Culture Clash🖼 


2- The American businesswoman reaction indicate that they finished the report and they realize the importance of being on time. Also, it might reflect that Japanese businessman like to discuss and listen to employees perceptions, feelings and want to build relationship. For example, many employees like to build long-relationship. 

3- I think is not nice to talk about their work at the party, they came to have a fun and talk together.

4- I agree with the manager’s rule because they were negligent and did not care about the time. And, He did his duty as manager 

This will lead to make them more committed and follow the work rules strictly. 

5- Spanish secretary did not committed with a time given to send the email. She was very late and negligent her duty. She did mistake which might lead to deduct from her salary. She should be attentive and responsible. 

6- Personally, using the hot towel to wipe my hands is normal if I do not have tissue to clean my hands. However, after wiping my hands I will not use it again to wipe my face because might the towel is not clean and is not polite behavior front of my colleagues and this behavior might cause a strong feeling of dislike, but in some culture is common and acceptable. 


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