High & Low Context Cultures

I repost this post again because when I checked it, it involved the answers twice. So, I hope it seems better 🙂



  1. Strong sense of insiders and outsiders H


  1. Specific information exists L


  1. Informal L


  1. Team and family activities preferred H


  1. Focus on results L


  1. Transparency expected L


  1. A lot of confidential information H


  1. Rules and regulations are easily accessible L


  1. Close personal relationships H


  1. General information H


  1. Elders/authoritative figures in control H


  1. “Have a go at it” philosophy L


  1. Individual responsibility L


  1. Concerned about ‘losing’  face H


  1. Expertise valued L


  1. Who you know is important H


  1. Focus on task H


  1. Emphasis on words and text L


  1. Strong sense of family H


  1. What you know is important H


  1. Gender roles clearly defined H


  1. Polite people admired H


  1. Reserved H


  1. Individual freedom valued L


  1. Strong sense of honour H


  1. Short term relationships L


  1. Process more important than product H


  1. Privacy (even when dealing with one’s own family)  highly valued H


  1. Public admission of wrongdoing expected H


  1. Strong sense of respect H


  1. Better response to visual information H


  1. Gender roles less fixed L


  1. No direct eye contact H


  1. Strong sense of fairness L


  1. Verbal agreements H


  1. Values logic over feeling L


  1. Very rare marriage with outsiders H


  1. Clear division of responsibilities at work L


  1. Written contracts L


  1. Public criticism insulting H

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