Something that represent me 

I chose the following contexts which I see that represent me:-

1- Close personal relationships 

In my life, I have many friends from the school and college. However, I like to have some friends that are very close to me. They close to me as my family.They understand me very well, think like me, share each other the happiness and sadnesses. I have close persons who I can talk with them without barriers. I consider my friends as one of my priority to feel safe after my family. 
2- Team work preferred



I see this context represents me because I like working with others and hearing from them closely. I like to define others ideas, get feedback from them to improve myself. I believe it is a chance for me to learn new things from others experiences. 

3- Better response to visual information 



When I want to understand something, mostly I search pictures, videos or audio recording to comprehend things. I like to see the objects or information with motion picture photography, visual presentation and graphs. I believe my brain will save more ideas or information for a long period with visual information.


2 thoughts on “Something that represent me 

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