Advertising in the UAE

1- UAE Leaders: it is not allowed to use UAE’s leaders in advertising.  

2- Raise problems: they cannot advertise something lead to raise problems among people. 

3- UAE religion: they cannot present the advertisements with words related to Islam, especially ” Holy Quran” or ” Prophet Mohammed talks”. They should avoid using mosques, creed and distortion of Islam.

4- Society values & tradition: they should avoid pictures and advertisements that bring negatives to UAE community or reflect a bad image about UAE and its tradition. 

5- Drinks: wine and alcohols are  forbidden 

6- Food: they should avoid put pig in pictures, production and promotion. 


Culture shock 2 “Questions”

1) If I would live in another country such as Australia, I would mostly miss my family, relatives gathering, friends and my home. I would miss my mother food as well as the safety because here in the UAE, we feel very safe. Also, the weather because I get cold quickly and I would miss my country habits and values.

2) I might shock of Australian weather, cloths, food and values


* I will search about Australia environment, weather, food, places, people habits and other things.

* I will ask my teachers who are from Australia about Australian habits and people manners.

* Use my phone applications like Google Map to be familiar with the places, directions, restaurants and public places.

Unusual Food ( Physalis )

Physalis has a popular name called ground cherry. It is a fruit and similar to the tomato. It is common in South America and Australia. It has a definite sweet taste when ripe. To eat the Physalis, the papery hunk must be removed. After that, you should wash the fruit and it is ready to be eaten. Added to that, it has many benefits towards the health, for example, it reduces the chance of getting Disbetes, lung disease. It helps to lose weight. Also, it is rish of Vitamin A, B and C.   

How rude was that? 

1) Asking why someone does not have children.. 🌷

I see it is rude to ask someone this question because some people do not feel comfortable to say about that or they may have a healthy problem to have children and do not want to say. However, in some culture, they like to ask them this question which they feel you care about them and want to listen:)

2) Remarking about an obvious weight gain..🌷

I think it is rude because I do not like to annoy anyone by my words. Maybe when I will say, the person will be annoyed or low his/ her self-confidence, but for some people, they see it is positive to remark about an obvious weight gain to encourage them to lose weight! ..

3) Eavesdropping on a conversation..🌷

I see this behavior is very rude because maybe the speakers talk about something personal, and it is impolite to heard someone without knowing, but for some persons and cultures, it is normal thing!

Harees ” Emirati Traditional Food”

It is one of a favorite dish for emariti people from the past until now. In the UAE, it is eaten in original days especially for lunch and dinner. Also, in many specific time like Ramadan, Eid, weddings as well family gathering… 🌿

It is made from wheat, chicken and salt. And it takes around 4-5 hours to be ready for eating ⭐️👍🏻…  

My first post🌷

Good morning my teacher,

My name is Manal. I like to learn something that develop myself and give me a good experience.
In my free time, I like to read through Twitter and and write something about the life. I got Diploma in Technical Laboratory and I want to complete my Bachelor degree in Quality and Strategic Management.